Tufts University
B.A. in International
Relations and Spanish

My English teaching experience

I’m from a small town in Massachusetts, USA an hour west of historic Boston. I’ve been teaching English as a Second Language to adults for over 10 years. I’ve taught many courses ranging from business writing and negotiations, TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, and the GRE, to special interest courses in a wide variety of topics. Most importantly, I’ve met many students and experienced the satisfaction of seeing them progress and fulfill their personal and professional goals in learning English. I’ve seen English change people’s lives.

Teaching English at Compass

I believe in creating a trusting and fun atmosphere and promoting interaction through sensitivity to students’ personal learning styles, needs and interests. English is not only a subject in school. It isn’t just a tool or a skill to be added to one’s credentials. It is a language for expression and a key to knowledge, information, and experience.

Learning tips to ESL learners

Don’t be afraid to speak or ask questions. Use what you know and build upon it. Read and listen with interest. Speak and write with confidence.

我來自美國麻薩諸塞州,離波士頓約1小時車程的一個小鎮。 在ESL英語教學的領域約有10年的時間。我教授過許多不同的課程,商用英語,談判課程,TOEIC、TOEFL、IELTS和GRE之英語相關認證課程。最重要的是,經過這些年我也認識了不少學生,也看到英文如何的在他們的生活中改變他們個人和職場生涯。我看到英文如何的改變一個人的人生。